Saturday, January 4, 2014

Vacations, 2013

This summer we were able to take a weekend excursion to Wisconsin Dells and enjoy a two-week trip to San Francisco.

This picture was taken from a stop on the Upper Dells Boat Tour, where we got out to stretch our legs at a lovely cove, where limestone rocks formed unique patterns in a place called, of all things, Witches' Gulch.

Here we are together, with some of the Dells' amazing rock formations behind us.

Ready for the bike trip across the Golden Gate Bridge, we stand in front of the bay on a sunny August morning.

After biking the bridge from San Francisco, we directed our wheels to a park where immense Sequoya trees stared down at us.  Here, in the vast woodland, we posed as a hiker with two large dogs agreeably took our picture.

After school began, we enjoyed a bike trip in a town not too distant and stopped in this green park one cool September afternoon.

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