Friday, August 19, 2011

Door County Vacation 2011, Road Trips

We passed this store several times on our road trips from Potawatomi State Park to the rest of Door County, and we couldn't resist the photo opp it provided.

Door County Vacation 2011, Bailey's Harbor

On the "quiet side" of Door County rests the small town of Bailey's Harbor, where we found Yum Yum Ice Cream Shop, a quaint little place where we enjoyed the views of, among other things, an array of saltwater taffy!

Door County Vacation 2011, Cave Point

An upper view of one of the caves that has been carved by water beating against limestone year after year

Door County Vacation 2011, Cave Point

Thomas and I discovered a lovely park in Door County called Cave Point. After hiking along the water's edge for over a mile under the canopy of a great number of trees, we found a few other explorers willing to take our picture. Breathing in the fresh air, tasting wild strawberries, and noticing pretty columbine were a few highlights of this trip.