Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break 4/9/2013

While Wisconsin weather is a bit behind the times with its mixture of snow and rain today, April has nevertheless arrived, which means spring break this week!  Five of my nieces and nephews, along with two of their friends, came by this evening for a time of fun, food, and fellowship.  Before our spaghetti (or "bisketti" as 4-year-old Daniel says), the kids tried their hand at coloring. Below are their unique creations.

David (3rd grade) traced his owl outline so nicely and worked on this multi-hued bird.  An avid reader, he couldn't get enough of one of Aunt Heather's books on the Middle Ages and, even during game time, could be heard turning the pages of his interesting read.

Lydia (2nd grade) with her special bird decoration.  A purple mark from her blend of markers caused Lydia to carefully scrub her hand after her craft; but she got the mark off her hand splendidly and even helped set the table for supper.

Daniel (age 4) enjoying his colorful frog eyes.  Daniel didn't quite understand one of the blindfold games ["Ducky Wucky"] that we played.  Instead of letting the blindfolded one guess who had been hit by his pillow, Daniel always identified himself, saying:  "Quack, quack.  Daniel."  Leave it to a four year old!

Two-year-old Bethany worked on her own art project--a special card for Mommy and Daddy.  Her delightful laughter punctuated the evening.

Six-year-old Matthew with his prized lady bug.  Matthew's face lit up when he located the treasure hidden in the oven--peanut butter chocolate bars (made with honey). 

Hannah and Lydia are best buddies at school, and Hannah joined us for the special get-together.  "I'm cold," she told me before dinner, so she put her coat back on for a little while until the house heated back up again.


Joey (Hannah's little brother) worked so hard on his lady bug craft and was the last to finish before dinner.  Proud of the fact that he had no "mark" to show due to markers used, he held up his crayon-colored craft with characteristic jollity.  

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